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Today we have 36 best free fonts for you, these are called the best free fonts for commercial use. These are suitable for posters, titles, headings. This is the best free fonts for designers. So let’s see who is on today’s list of 36 best free fonts and how to use it.

Now first up we have ZAIO, which is a well Crafted serif typeface. The round corners mean that it isn’t too aggressive and it can come across as somewhat it works really well on portrait designs. Such as this one here. Download Free Font Zaio

best free fonts for designers

Due to its tall and narrow appearance having a retro style illustrative poster like this does match really well with the kind of retro vibes of the typeface. Now ZAIO only comes in uppercase letters, but I think for heading some titles this typeface is really awesome.

Morganite is a typeface that is available in 18 different fonts. This is great for retro or traditional kinds of designs and I’ve shown it below on.
This really cool poster, let me know what you think of this version of Morganite matched up with this poster. I personally really like it.

best fonts free download

Morganized 18 fonts come in upper and lower case as well as numerical values. Download Free Font Morganized

Let’s go for something a little more modern. League Spartan is another sans-serif typeface that only appears in one font. But it’s a really decent download.

This one is great for website designs and posters, and it works really well uppercase and title case as seen in the bottom left.

best free fonts for commercial use

Let’s not forget though, that’s headings and titles don’t always have to be in uppercase lettering. Links burton is looking pretty neat in this lowercase lettering on the poster design.

The download comes in both upper and lower case as jupiter scene and also those numerical values. Download Free Font League Spartan

Rubik is another typeface that has multiple fonts in the download. This time that is 10 different versions. On this design here every example of typography that you can see is in fact Rubik. As you can see it’s very versatile indeed great for headings and titles but also for subtitles and body text as well. Obviously, with Rubik we have upper and lower case and also some decent numbers too. Download Free Font Rubik

Next, a download that is reminiscent of the typeface and lemon and milk, which I know some of you do know. We have here Lavelo. I guess you could pronounce it as Lavelo or love low. But anyway this typeface comes with three different fonts one being the bold version and then two which are in fact outlined. Download Free Font Lavelo

I would have liked to see more variation with this typeface, but the three fonts we get are pretty decent. There’s no lower case here but I think it’s a worthy download for titles and headings for sure. And that brings us to Promesh, which has three fonts to grab and are pretty interesting. Download Free Font Promesh

This slab serif typeface can be used in many different ways. But the original font is decent and then we have two additional fonts that have decorative kinds of motifs built into them. It’s always awesome seeing cool fonts like this that are totally free for commercial use. And pre mesh is just another typeface that I would personally add into my arsenal. You Can Also Read What To Write In Fiverr Buyer Request?

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