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Hello everyone! Here in this post, I give you the Digitalis Art Photoshop Plugin Free Download. You can create a digital art artwork in minutes that is ready to use in your business. This is true with the most powerful Photoshop plugin which is very easy to install and use in just one click without any effort. You can download it for free on the website.

Digitalis Art is a professional Photoshop plugin that will help you to create Cartoon Artwork easily, the effect is more attractive and helpful to improve your brand promotions or to make your customers happy with your work.

See The Before and After Image Using Digitalis Art Photoshop Plugin

cartoon effect

digital art

Digital painting

Some tools you need to use this Digitalis art photoshop plugin

To install Digitalis Art Plugin with the second method, you need to download the free ZXP installer. It’s a third-party app agreed from adobe that will help you to install Adobe Extensions and Plugins. This software has two operating systems for available Windows and Mac.

The Digitalis Art Plugin works only in Photoshop CC 2015.5+ or higher (the recommended stable versions is CC 2019 – CC 2020 CC 2021), so if you have CC 2015 or lower the plugin wouldn’t work with you.

Some Great Feature Of Digitalis Art Photoshop Plugin

  • Easy to install & use.
  • Auto mask features.
  • One-click apply.
  • 5 editable backgrounds.
  • Full editable results.
  • Organized layers & groups.

How do I install Digitalis Art Photoshop plugins?

This installation method are for both Windows and Mac OS users, you can install Digitalis. Art automatically by the Digitalis Art Installer.zxp file or Digitalis Art Installer.JSX file, you can find them inside the downloaded folder. follow those below steps to install it successfully:

Method 01: JSX File Installation.

  1. Open your Photoshop, and go to: File >> Scripts >> Browse.
  2. Load the Digitalis Art Installer.jsx file and open it.
  3. Confirm the execution of the JSX file from your Photoshop.
  4. Restart Your Photoshop (Important!)
  5. Open the plugin from: Window >> Extensions >> Digitalis Art.

Method 01: ZXP File Installation.

  1. Close your Photoshop if it’s opened (Important).
  2. After installing ZXP Installer, open it and drag Digitalis Art Installer.zxp file into it.
  3. Confirm the Photoshop version that you want to install with, and click OK.
  4. Open your Photoshop or restart it if it was opened.
  5. Open the plugin from: Window >> Extensions >> Digitalis Art.

I can not open the plugin from Window >> Extensions, the extensions menu is greed out after clicking.

That error comes because your Photoshop doesn’t allow external extensions.

Solution: Go to Photoshop >> Preferences >> Plug-ins, and make sure you’ve checked
This option: Load Extensions Panels.

photoshop tool

File information Of Digitalis Art Photoshop Plugin

  • Software used: Photoshop CC
  • Working file: Adobe Photoshop CC and CS Version
  • Files included: Zip File
  • Size: 66.21 MB

“You will need basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop to make changes in Digitalis Art Photoshop Plugin.”

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Free Download Digitalis Art Photoshop Plugin

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