How To Get Better Output From Fiverr Gig Promotion?

First, let’s clarify some basic things so that everyone can understand. Fiverr Gig Promotion features, CPC caps, and impressions. You Can Al Read Personal Branding Strategy For Freelancer

Gig Promote Feature: This is basically the main target of Gig Promote as Fiverr shows up earlier in your Gig To Search against a certain amount. Initially in beta version, but now almost all sellers who have this feature Fiverr! In the beginning, there was less competition, so the sellers used this feature a lot, but now everyone has the feature, so everyone is trying it, because of which the poor remain poor, the rich are becoming richer day by day!

Impressions: When you promote a gig, the number of people who will see your gig in search because of the promotion is the impression, but you do not have to pay for this impression.

CPC Cap: Cost Per Click – This is the amount you want to pay if a buyer clicks on your gig after looking at your gig in search, but Fiverr offers a different amount suggestion for different sectors, you have to put the same amount or number above it.

Now let’s see how to get good output from here as there is a lot of competition now.

Suppose Fiverr CPC suggested me $10, which means almost everyone in my sector is suggesting $10. In our country, it is very difficult for sellers to earn money, so many people sit down to get the output by selecting the minimum $10. Think about it, 90% of people chose CPC for $10, but 10% of people increased it to $15-20 for CPC, then who will show up first in Fiverr search?

Of course, the market will give priority to the one who gives more money. In this place, we fall behind and the promotion is not used properly and we get frustrated by spending money. I usually double what the CPC suggests, so I get a good amount at the end of the month. From here I think it is an added bonus.

You can use this technique for 1 month. But if the communication is not good, you will not be able to take large orders. Because I usually get messages from more clients from promotions. This time being able to take orders is entirely on my own skill.

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