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The problem some of the best typefaces out there are expensive as heck, the solution? Finding Free Commercial Use Fonts alternatives that look similar or even identical.

So essentially you can get free pro fonts to download, right now. In this article, I have researched and scoured the internet to find some of the free best alternatives to expensive fonts, that are free to download Free Commercial Use Fonts, of course.

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The first typeface that you might have heard of is Trajan pro. It’s an elegant and luxurious serif font family that has its roots embedded within the roman influence. Now it’s great for making a sophisticated presence on a design and it is pretty unmistakable. A very close and totally free alternative however is sincere.

There are just a few minor differences with a couple of the characters, but this is a free alternative and it’s an excellent match to the original. The google download of a Cinzel comes in multiple font weights and it’s an excellent free download to add to your font library.

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Next up is Gotham. This typeface is widely known among designers. The sans-serif fonts within the family have been used across an almost infinite amount of media and respective designs. It’s an American typeface that expresses a clean and robust sans-serif solution.

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While the 100 free solution to this typeface is Montserrat. Found on google Montserrat is available in a whopping 18 variable awaits and styles. It’s very close match to the well-known Gotham font family. That being said most people these days are aware of Montserrat.

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Next up is Museo Slab. I love slab serif typefaces and Museo slab is no exception. It’s Designed by Jos Buivenga. This is a robust and impressionable example of what a slab surf can actually be. Used correctly and may be paired with a sans-serif font. This typeface can do really great things for your designs.

Museo Slab Font Designed by Jos Buivenga

Now if you want to use a free alternative that won’t get you into legal trouble, YES Arvo is a great trade-off. Now Arvo is available in four different styles, that being Regular-Italic-bold and also bold italic. Alvo is a font family that is for sure heading straight to my library.

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From Museo Slab we then move to Museo sans. Jos Buivenga designed Museo sans first. And then due to its huge success and moved on to Museo slab. Now it’s easy to see why this typeface brought so much success. The unique and the clean letter forms are pretty desirable and they do work on a lot of designs.

The totally free alternative here is Noto Sans. Which you can grab as a download with four different styles. Much like the previous entry, those are Regular-Italic-Bold italic and also Bold.

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Next up is Acta. The Acta is a lovely serif typeface designed by Dino dos Santos. And it comes in six different weights matching with their italic pairs. Now it screams elegance and it’s something that I’m almost certain every designer would want in the library.

However, a great single weight alternative is Lustria. Which is beautifully crafted and it does mimic the aforementioned actor typeface. So if you want to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your designs totally for free this might be the right move.

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Next up is Swiss 721. So this is another pretty commonly known typeface among font lovers and graphic designers like. Swiss 721 is a sans-serif typeface, designed by Max Miedinger. And it is available in a vast amount of styles and weights of course if you pay for it legally. It’s great to use across a large array of designs and it looks great paired up with things such as serif fonts.

However, a typeface that I have had in my library for a while now is the Railway. This is a great alternative that does pay respect to Swiss 721. And as you can see it is a great fit for sure.

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Next up is ITC Avant Garde Gothic. Probably the most widely used typeface in today’s list is ITC Avant Garde Gothic. Now, this can be used and seen across literally almost everywhere from retro designs to ships magazines. And of course, the infamous case uses the Adidas brand. Adidas have used this font family for their branding stretching decades back.

It’s a timeless design and it has become extremely iconic. Now legally you should be paying to use this typeface. However, but a great alternative is Questrial. Which comes in just a regular version only. That being said it is beautifully made and it is a great addition to any designers font library.

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Next up is Sentinel. Sentinel is a slab serif typeface designed by Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones. When purchased is available in six different ways and also their respective italic versions. It’s a really decent typeface that goes well paired with things like sans-serif fonts. Also when used wisely by designer. The free alternative is Domine which is equally as decent, but which only comes in one font. Still, it’s really a great addition to your library.

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If you found today’s article on free font alternatives enjoyable or useful, let me know in the comments section.

All Alternatives Free Commercial Use Fonts Below:

Cinzel Montserrat Arvo Noto Sans Lustria Raleway Questrial Domine

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  1. Wao! A nice article. All of the above typefaces are very classic and effective for various commercial designs. I like the style of all the above fonts, especially Noto Sans Font is very classic. I would try to use a few fonts from the above in my ongoing Projects.

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