Get Your Fiverr First Order | A Guide By Stocks Lord

Fiverr first order is an untouchable regret, an unfulfilled dream. I know you sometimes dream from sleep that the first order has been received. I think will get the Fiverr first order while walking. And I will post on Facebook, or give at least 100-150 dollars a month to my family. This is not true of every new seller. Those who have been in the marketplace for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 months but can’t do anything.

Sometimes I desired to wish everybody get an order. Everyone gets the order and could support the family. I didn’t have to see people’s regrets, I really liked it.

I will say something today, please try to comply. If you are new, it will work 60-70% for you to get the Fiverr first order.

Determine The Correct Service

No matter what skill you have, you will never get a job for your main skill. Because the competition for the main skill will be much higher. I assume you are a graphics designer, now if you go to service with Logo Design, you have to forget about the order. Because the competition for Logo Design is much higher.

I will give an example with competition

  • Logo Design: 160,528
  • Modern minimalist luxury logo design: 71,602
  • Modern luxury minimalist business real estate logo design: 22,409
  • Striking business card: 92

You see my purpose. The more you bring the service to a specific place, the less the competition. And the lower the competition, the higher your chances.

Now your job is to do research. Do you know of any service that has less than 1000 competitors? Then create a gig.

Your first task is to find a low competitive service. Whose gig number is less than 1000. It will take some time but you will definitely get it, and if you get it, create a gig with those keywords or services. The gig will be on the front page in 2 weeks.

Open Two Gigs, With The Same Keywords and The Same Category

As you can see from the example above, I am coming up with a keyword whose search competition is only 92. Now your job is to open two gigs with the same category and keywords. If ever a gig is down then another gig can perform.

Nothing is easy, remember you must stick. Tighten the pair from where it breaks. Stand up again Success is not easy, it is right but not impossible.

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Good Luck to Everyone

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