The 7 Reasons and Solutions to Fail Earn From Online

Today we will discuss the main 7 reasons and solutions to fail to earn from online. So let’s start talking about The 7 Reasons and Solutions to Fail Earn From Online.

Number 01: Shiny Object Syndrome

I discuss a little detail with you. Think that you have seen somewhere someone earns money by freelancing in an online marketplace learning graphic design.

Now you are dreaming earn a lot of money online in learning graphic designs. You started learning and tried to develop a skill in 1-2 months.

At this time suddenly, one day you came to know through your friend or to scroll to Facebook, you came in front of Digital Marketing easily earn more money. Now without thinking too much thinking, learning to learn digital marketing except for learning graphic designs.

Now you are learning digital marketing with attention. After a few days, you might know any of YouTube ads or anyone, about Web Design and Development. Thinking you Digital Marketing is as easy as possible, but not easy. Now you’re thinking of learning graphics design again at this stage.

“Shiny Object Syndrome” is in you. That’s why you’re doing this. It is one of the main reasons for not numerous students earning any money from online.

If you always work on an easy income or such category in front of you, then you can do good in a short time, such ads will see you every day. If you change the category of frequent, then only your money and time waste. Keep this thing in mind always.


When you think of an expert in a category, the time that should be given, it should be given. For example, the Minimum should start with 10 months for 6 months in order to earn graphic designs online.

Do not change the category after a few days to earn faster than online. If you can try regularly with any of the categories, then there will be a possibility of doing good in that category.

Number 02: Unrealistic Expectations

You think you will earn 10,000 dollar per month by freelancing. Maybe someone you have seen in an advertisement.

Yeah, it is true that you can earn more money from freelancing but you also need to understand that you may need to study years after years to go to that position. You are seeing one’s success, but the amount of struggles that have made that person to succeed, may not think.

You can not think of earning millions every month since 1 month after you start today. It is not possible.

Everyone is doing this?

No, not doing. This means that you can not expect results in tomorrow by starting today. I did not find any way online, through which you can earn lakhs every month in a short time.


Minimum 6 months – Study in a category with 1 year. After 6 months, your lakhs dollar can not come income every month. Maybe in the beginning your, 10-15 thousand dollars will start income every month. Then slowly it will increase if you can work regularly with patience.

Number 03: Consistency

You will plan to be an expert in any category. There will be no things to try a lot together. Every day you need to try to learn something. Today studied all day but did not do anything for 1 week. It can not be done. It can not be done. You must learn regularly. If you have to practice, then you can set up your destination after a given time.


Many people cannot maintain continuity, a problem common it. Many people face it. You have to think about your career every day. Before sleeping every night, you will ask yourself about 24 hours of today’s day away from your life. What did you do for your career or for your family.

Try to focus 100% focus on the category that starts work. And try to stay as much as the sufferings or frostons.

Number 04: Take No Action

Online you want to earn it is very easy to think. However, making money online with experience the clients is not easy.

You want to build a career with graphic designs. Every day you are reading the article, watching videos in YouTube but not practicing, then you can never do well in this sector.

If you want to start earning graphic design, start practicing to start now. The start will tomorrow or start will be starting from a few days. You can not start anymore.


Start in the morning or start working well from tomorrow, such thoughts should be excluded. Start working from now, change in life will come. Be experienced, wait for the right opportunity.

You may not start due to laziness. On the other hand, one of your familiar people starts work and going to a good position.

Number 05: Comfort Zone

You must have the mentality of working out of the comfort zone of the way you are interested in making a career online or offline.

You want to do a job. You must check the Job Circular for the job applied. You will need to be applied and interview. Now if you see the movie sitting in the house, do you get job? It does not get it normal.

Now you want to earn online but do not expect a subject or practice if you can not do the practice, then you cannot expect the income.


When you do a study with the computer, it’s normal to be boring. There will be a love of work to work regularly, then it does not need boring. Until that, you have to push yourself. If you do not like it, regularly try to try.

Number 06: Quick Money

You may have seen alluring ads to earn money in YouTube or Facebook. Find out the most people on the internet, how easy to earn money online. But the reality is that it can not easily earn money from online.

If you have fixed money in a bank, you will get some profits after the specified time. After keeping money in the bank, it does not double it.

When you try to do something online, the process will be slow. Step-by-step will move to you. If you hustle then only time and money is wasted.


Quick money excludes the thought of income. Start work and continue to try regularly. When you get eligible for money income, income will start in easily.

Number 07: Do Not Want To Invest In Themselves

If you are so, you are trying to earn online for months or years. But not yet. That means that you can not understand the whole process of starting online income.

You may know that there are many free courses and premium courses with graphic design in Canva. Many people participated in the course, did everyone succeed?

Answer: Everyone could not succeed.

It is not like that you will succeed in a course. The topics that are discussed above. If you have a problem in yourself, then you can not succeed in the course.

Only when you solve all the problems can you build a career online. One is getting the job by doing the same course, the other one is not getting it. This means that whether you succeed or not depends a lot on your hard work. After joining a course, if you do not practice properly or if you do not follow the guidelines, then that course will not be of any use in your life.

You must take the time to experience it properly. If you do not do that you will not be able to earn money online. You may need to invest to be properly skilled.

Suppose you want to make income online by providing graphic design services. But you don’t want to invest in buying domains and hosts to create your own portfolio website. Then you can work out how you explain to your client. The client will understand how you are qualified to create his project.


Before investing in a premium course, make sure that your course instructor is qualified to teach that job.

I have learned a lot for free using Google and YouTube. I also learn by investing so that I can improve my skills and take it to a better level. Use that skill to earn more in the future.

If you need to invest to improve your skills, try as much as you can, because it is not possible to get everything online for free.

We need to constantly learn new things in order to build and survive online careers. Use it whenever you get a chance to learn. The more you learn, the more likely you are to do well. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to earn money online if you try properly. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. From the position you are in now, I have been able to change my career through regular hard work. It’s only a matter of time before you try properly.

If you start today, maybe in 1 or 2 years your career or lifestyle will change. If you don’t try to improve from where you are now, the precious time of your life will go away but there will be no change in your career or lifestyle.

The reasons that I have shared here, for the same reason if you are facing obstacles in building a career online. Then you can let us know by commenting. If you know of a better solution, you can share it with us.

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