What To Write In Fiverr Buyer Request? How To Write?

The Fiverr buyer request is the most mysterious thing to us. Yes, I think the work will be done, I will send the request soon. But after sending, the frustration, as always, remained behind the buyer’s eyes. You Can Also Read Making Famous Graphic Designs Better

But think about it, isn’t it very normal?
When a buyer posts a job, 100/300 requests are submitted within five minutes. Whether we can or not, whether we understand it or not, whether the budget is suitable or not, we have to send the cover letter.

Now the question
Does the buyer see our requests?
Yes, but not all. He see the interesting one. And try to respond to them.

Let me give you an example
There are 20 black balls lined up, one of which is a white ball. Your eyes will go to which ball first. Excel will go towards the ball of white color. Because it’s so simple, the white ball is different. But we are human beings, naturally we have more interest in different things, we give priority to those things.

What you have been doing for so long, now listen carefully to the following words. These are not universal formulas that will work, but there is a rule for everything. Follow the rules. Sending a buyer request after today will bring you peace of mind.

Be aware, 30% of new sellers get their first order from fiverr buyer requests.

Let me tell you!

Fiverr is a high hill, the first side of which is sharp and slippery. The upper side is full of works, pass the first step carefully. Know, listen, understand, learn and believe you can.

After a while, you will have some permanent clients on hand that will make you confident. Believing in God, He never disappoints anyone who works hard.

How To Write A Professional Fiverr Buyer Request?

1/ Read the project Description two times.

About 50 percent of the sellers stumbled the copy and paste request. Due to which the buyer does not get a response. And show excuse I am sending 500 buyer request. I will did not get anyone job. If you ask yourself, how many of the 500 did you understand and sent with a cold head. The answer is up to you.

What the buyer wants, how long he wants and how he wants. But a real buyer says in his Project Description. The first time you read a little early is not a problem, but the second time you must read every line. Stop at the full stop is what people want. Believe that a temporary answer will be ready in your head. Do not copy and paste. Please don’t copy and paste, just read what he needs and tell him that you can fill it.

If you want to get response or order from fiverr buyer request, there is no other option. Of course, the project description must be well understood.

2/ Cover Letter is written in the simple fluent language.

Our fiverr buyer request does not say how it started, “Hi I am John Smith and I have 7 years experience about this section then lots of sentences and………………………………. Tell me, Isn’t that true?

Is that really what it should be? no, never.

What should it be like then?

Start writing with its topics in beautiful fluent language. Assures in the first sentence that you are reading the post and you can do his work according to the mentions of his request.

Now listen to this word with your mind. What does the buyer ask? If you ask a question on its topic, the buyer will respond even if it is to answer your question, the business responder thinks you have 30% success.

Learn to question the buyer. Because to make you talk, to make you respond.

3/ Make the cover letter short and sweet.

No need to write essays. Write with what he wants. There is no need to write anything extra so that the buyer can finish in 1 minute. Write in such a way that you leave some questions, you will see that your cover letter will be different from others and the buyer will respond.

4/ You are now free to do his work.

When the buyer posts the job, he stays online for a while. This is because he hires someone or then goes away (if the mind gets someone like that). Now if you mention that I can start your work now. Then it will be different from everyone else, and the buyer will also respond that I will talk to the boy/girl.

5/ Copy paste cover letter cannot be sent.

See, understand, then answer. Did we write the same answer to every question in the exam? Or would our every question be the same?
If the buyer has different requirements, then why send the same cover letter. Understands his topics and answers questions.

6/ See the price and bid.

There will be garbage everywhere. Now the buyer will also be in the request section, if someone requests to do website design for 5 dollars and if you bid there, you will do it for 5 dollars. So why are you here We will all pick you up and leave you at the museum.

You will give the price keeping in mind the market value of the work you do. Please don’t make the marketplace a fish market.

Well I’m giving a fiverr buyer request sample below

Buyer Request:
Need someone to help recover from Google penalties and drop of organic traffic. I need a full description of what you will be changing and why. My URL is Coolerexp.com. Traffic has been decreasing since December and I need help ASAP. No black hat methods offered or you will get blocked. Please respond with an audit if you are serious. The website is an amazon affiliate site and is currently making $100 a month. But was making $2000 a month in December. Thank you!

Cover Letter:
I have read your project details and it’s really shocking that your website is on Google penalties. ( Topics Relevant Start)
What is the exact date your website get penalties from Google ( Question)
I can assure you your website will shine again. I have audited your website URL: Coolerexp.com and found that:
“Your website traffic is decreased since December and also your DR is not high”
I will make your website SEO friendly and you will get traffic very soon.
“No Black hat method Manually White hat works”
I am ready to start right now so that your amazon sales increase as like as December.

John Smith

Last word
I try to remove a little frustration and misconceptions in your mind. Remember you have to change your destiny. It is foolish to blame God and family. You are responsible for your every success, you have to take responsibility for your failure.

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